Our story

I first stumbled across journaling while I was studying at university. I had lots of tasks and deadlines and I found myself craving organization. After watching countless of YouTube videos about bullet journaling I gave it a try and thoughout the years I developed a journaling system that was working for me not only as way of organizing my tasks and priorities, but as a way of relaxation, meditation and self discovery. Journaling truly became my „me time“ and my passion.

After I finished IT school, I found a programing job and everything seemed to fall in the place, but I still went back to my journal for my daily dose of relaxation and self care. Me and my boyfriend saw the benefits of journaling on organization and mental health and so the idea to make a premade journal and start My Journal Addiction was born. Not knowing anything about the process of making a journal we pushed through and finally published our first journal on November 2021. We became a Etsy bestseller soon after our launch. After that we were determined to make the best quality products possible and create a journaling brand we can be proud of.

2023 Premade Journal