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Why is it perfect?

Our premade bullet style journals are created with only the best materials and printing techniques possible. The layouts are thoughtfully created to be flexible while still maintaining the incredible benefits of journaling.

  • Original Art

    Designs are hand-drawn

    and digitized.

  • Lays Perfectly Flat

    Journal allows 180° opening

    for best usability.

  • No Ghosting or Bleeding

    Smooth high quality

    170 gsm paper.

Popular questions

Is it a bullet journal?

Bullet journaling is an umbrella term for the method of personal organization first developed by Ryder Carroll with primary goal to provide a framework on how to organize information, prioritize task and connect with one self.

Our method while inspired by Ryder's work has different approach to journaling with more emphasis on creative aspect that doesn’t take away from the usability. With our flexible layouts you are able to set your goals and plan your activities and tasks. With mood and habit trackers you can track the existing and develop new habits and see how they affect your mood.

All these things not only help you to plan for future but also allow you to look back and see the progress you have made. Combined with original hand drawn and digitized designs, that you can color in, it creates a beautiful combination between productivity and creativity.

Does our premade journal help with adhd?


Our premade journal can help with ADHD for several reasons. Firstly, it provides a structured outlet for organizing thoughts and tasks, which can be challenging for individuals with ADHD due to difficulties in maintaining focus and memory. Additionally, it  allows individuals to track their daily activities, helping them identify patterns and triggers for distraction or impulsivity.

Expressing thoughts and feelings on paper can reduce stress and anxiety, common co-occurring issues with ADHD. It also provides a tangible record of achievements, boosting self-esteem and motivation. Lastly, it  can aid in setting goals and creating to-do lists, aiding in time management and task completion. Overall, it offers a structured and therapeutic approach to managing ADHD symptoms.

What can I track in my premade journal?

From setting goals and planning tasks and events, you can track up to 8 different habits and your overall mood on daily basis. You can switch these up every month so don’t be affraid to develop new habits or keep track of your non-negotiables. You can also track your finances and savings in monthly expenses tracker.

The possibilities are endless, so take the liberty to adapt the existing trackers or make your own on an empty page.

Which markers can I use?

Our smooth 170 gsm high quality paper can handle all your creativity without ghosting or bleeding! So don't be affraid to use any water-based markers or watercolors.

It is not suitable for alcohol based markers, since they need at least 200 gsm thick cardstock.

My favorites: Watercolors, Crayola Supertips, Tombow Brush Pens, Archer and Olive Acrylographs, Highlighters 🙂

Where is it made?

Our journals are made in Europe - drawn by me in Slovakia and printed and bound in the Czech Republic using renewable enegry.

GREAT NEWS! Our new 2024 premade journals are even carbon neutral!

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Introducing our new carbon neutral 2024 premade bullet style journal, in two beautiful pastel colors - pink powder and matcha latte.

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-- Your goals, dreams, and ideas deserve a journal as unique as you

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