Premade Bullet Style Journal

Bullet journaling is a great tool for increasing productivity as well as keeping your mental health in check. But starting a journal can be daunting task. That's why we created our Premade Bullet Style Journals, where every spread is carefully designed to work with you, no matter your priorities.

Mental Health

  • Be present
  • Create habits and routines that make you happy
  • Understand and manage stress in your life
  • Relax and unwind by coloring in the designs
  • Connect with yourself!


  • Set new goals
  • Become the best version of yourself with new habits and routines
  • Manage your time and be more productive
  • Review the progress you've made
  • Stay organized!

How to Use

These videos apply to our newest 2024 Premade Bullet Style Journals. The undated journals, although similar, have some minor differences, for more info check the product description.

Get ready!

Yearly Overview

Set your goals and intentions for the year, see your future log and start the year with clear picture in your mind.

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Plan ahead!

Monthly Cover Page

Use monthly cover page to plan your goals, tasks and important dates for the month.

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Cheer up!

Habits and Mood Trackers

Manage your habits and mood with customizable, easy to use trackers.

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Up to date!

Weekly Spreads

Use weekly spreads to keep up with everything important going on in your life. Manage your time, plan ahead and never miss a birthday.

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In Check!

Expenses Tracker

Keep your finances in check with expenses tracker. Set your budget and save up for anything you need.

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Look Back

Monthly Review Page

Look back on previous month and get a fresh perspective. Write down the most important lessons you’ve learned and reflect on your achievements.

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Paint with me

I post monthly paint with me videos on my YouTube, so if you'd like some inspiration check it out!